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Lisbon was our final stop on the honeymoon. Honestly, by this time I was so ready to be home with Beckham, but ya know, Portugal wasn’t too bad.

As a woman, I feel obligated to warn all the other ladies out there that if you are planning to go to Lisbon… leave your heels at home. I can’t walk in heels on even ground, so the cobblestone streets and giant hills were not my friend.

In Lisbon, We stayed at the Bessa Hotel which was our favorite. All of our rooms were pretty small in Europe but this one was spacious. Again, in a great location (walking distance from our fav dinner spot) modern, helpful employees,  and a great bar/restaurant located in the hotel.

The best dinner spot in Portugal was Topo. No matter where you sit in the restaurant, you get an unbelievable view of a castle. The restaurant was small but had floor to ceiling windows all around, and a fun outside bar which made it even more dreamy. We had the most amazing chips and guacamole… the chips were basically homemade Doritos. Is there anything better?

Brunch &  Lunch

Nicolau Lisbon ○ A Taberna da Rua das Flores


Topo ○ Forno d’Oro Pizzeria




Copenhagen Coffee Lab


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